Support Policy

Support Policy - Cartin will provide 3 month of free support from the date of purchase/project delivery to every module or system or website and support will be available by support ticket system .Support only include bug fixing. Support fee does not include free customization of the module in any case or free consulting of the customization of the modules.

How To Extend The Support

Extending your support period or to subscribion of AMC plan is super easy, For Cartin startup Plan Visit Cartin Startup AMC Plan and for Cartin Growing plan visit Cartin Growing AMC Plan, You can see our AMC plans in these links, You can click on order and subscribe to our Support/AMC.

What Support Fee Will NOT Include ?

  • Support fee will not include any extra customization or changes (i.e changes of text or design of element like text area big or small ) of the website or extension or module.
  • Under support fee only existing issues will be fixed like something is not working as described in website demo or module demo or doc.
  • Wesbsite or Module price include 3 month free support, log all the issues or bugs which you encounter in this period of time.
  • Support will not include any technical documentation/DFD/database schema of the source code as the website or modules are already written based on platform standards.
  • If you encounter any bugs or issues beyond this period of time, you will have to extend the support or AMC period (any bugs or issues beyond the support period will not be taken care by Cartin team).
  • Support fee will not include any changes made by user by which site has been crashed or some functionality is not working as advertised.
  • Support will be available through our help-desk ticket system only (user need to send us the complete login details like ftp and platform admin login details to fix the issue we dont use screen-share or skype screen-share / skype call / voice call or phone to fix the issues).
  • The right and license to use and incorporate the software, in whole or in part, to develop its website/ mobile app (including the integration of all or part of the Licensor’s software into Licensee's own software) on one domain only, including only one instance support, solely for the own personal or business use of the Licensee. However, the License does not authorize the Licensee to compile, copy or distribute the said Software or its Derivative Works.