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Sintheetaa PCB Industrial Automation & Services:

At Sintheetaa, we provide front end services in the field of PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS{PCB} CAM as well as Software development; our main model is to provide you with PCB CAM, Quotation & Software Development Service with 100% delivery performance and defect free operation.

Why Sintheetaa:

Sintheetaa has experienced expertise & specialized engineers for handeling complex jobs like rigid & flex & also special process jobs like Impedance, edge plating, HDI boards, Depth rout, metal back etc.

Our in-dept knowledge and expertise in PCB Production enables us in providing services at a competitive price. A team of specialized Automation and CAM Engineers who specialize at automation services to improve the productivity, understand requirements, prepare stack up and perform impedance calculation with respect to your production plant requirement.

At Sintheetaa we provide solutions to build your PCB cart, Build Quotation and sell PCB online through Web PCB Shop.

Offline PCB Services

  • Quotation

    Our domain specialists will analyze the data & prepare the required information like minimum trace, space, drill size & material information etc... to PCB Plant in standard format or customer given format.

    Prepare the pallet drawing or panel drawing with maximum utilization in panel with respect to the customer standards.

  • Pre cam, CAM & Post cam:

    Sintheetaa offers a complete service package which include Pre cam, CAM & Post cam. We also offer partial services like precam or post cam. We also provide Drill, rout output, data output to plot file & data for AOT & Electrical test.

  • Online PCB Cart and Quotation

  • Online PCB Cart and Quotation

    Sintheetaa can develop customized and tailor-made e-commerce portal to sell PCB’s On-line. Features to track and control the entire order cycle, Instant and online quotation, Payment gateway integration and also customer management at the figure tips.

  • Job Log and Status Queue

    Sintheetaa provides a custom way of uploading jobs on-line, View the status on-line and also the time spent on each Job.

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